Imagine and visualize your
dreams. Constantly.

Q Vision Board allows you to visualize and imagine your dreams consistently, so you can be expectant that you will achieve them! It allows you to open your mind and imagination to the endless possibilities.

How to use your Q Vision Board™

Take time to brainstorm. What do you envision for yourself? Is it a new career, a paid-off mortgage, a family trip to Italy? Focus on what you really care about so the Q Vision Board can empower you.
Enjoy the process. When you’re finished, place it somewhere you can see it everyday. Take a few minutes each day to study it, feel it, and enjoy it as if it is already happening.


  • Allows you to create an emotional
    connection to your dreams – Motivation!
  • Making it concrete in your mind makes it
    feel more attainable
  • Helps solidify thoughts, visions, and ideas
    Creates excitement and anticipation
  • Helps you organize your dreams visually
Tablero de Vision PlentiQ