Company History​

PlentiQ ™ was founded by a team of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, believers, and optimists, with a clear vision of creating a path for a better future.

This group of leaders saw an incredible need in the world to practice not only the highest human values, but also strong work ethic.

Plentiq México
Plentiq founders

They envision a society full of prosperous people who share upright principles. With this in mind, the PlentiQ ™ system was created, which is dedicated to putting powerful personal development tools and online courses in your hands. PlentiQ ™ gladly offers all this with a servant’s heart to as many people as possible.

Our Values

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What if you could achieve everything you ever wanted in your life? We are here to tell you that – YOU CAN! And we can guide you to it. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

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Empower Others

We believe in giving others the ability and opportunity to have the life they have always dreamed of. We are the catapult to your success, in all areas of your life.
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Meaningful Relations are Key
Real relationships empower us, and we believe that those relationships, if nurtured, can be a key source of much knowledge, happiness and wisdom.
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The Well-being of All is Paramount
Your success and happiness is our priority. We strive to ensure that everything we offer is for one purpose only — for you to thrive.

What does “PlentiQ” mean?

The original idea began as a way to maximize someone’s “IQ” as in having “Plenty IQ” but as the system evolved, we realized that the ‘Q’, meant so much more than an “Intelligence Quotient” but rather the overall “Quality” of Life, in every single aspect.

After a full analysis of the best practices and methods from hundreds of successful people, we created a very easy-to-follow system to help you achieve outstanding results in your own life.

The combination of these practices is what we call the “PlentiQ System.”